Neck Lift

The medical term for a neck lift is platysmaplasty. The procedure surgically removes excess skin and fat from the neck to treat age-related wrinkles and folds in this area and provide a smoother, slimmer profile. As we age, the neck muscles loosen and sag beneath the skin, resulting in what many women and men call a “turkey neck.” A vertical neckband with two paired cords in the center of the neck may also occur due to the laxity of the platysma muscle. With the sagging of the neck muscle, the skin of the neck stretches with gravity creating loose skin that can hang down toward the upper chest.

During the procedure

A neck lift can be performed under sedation and local anesthesia, where only part of the body is anesthetized or under general anesthesia.

After the procedure

After neck lift surgery, you may have swelling and bruising. You may have to wear a unique garment that compresses the neck and helps reduce swelling. You will also need to keep your head elevated above your heart and straight. Do not twist or bend your neck.

Neck Lift Recovery

It may take weeks or months for the swelling and bruising to completely disappear, and it may take up to six months for the incision lines to fade. You should protect your skin from the sun, do not wear clothing that you have to pull over your head, and take care of your surgical incisions.