Brachioplasty (Arms Lift)

While loose, sagging, and excess skin in the upper arms may develop as a result of natural aging or genetic factors, this condition is particularly prevalent in people who have lost a substantial amount of weight.  For many people, excess fat and flaccid skin in the upper arms cannot be eliminated and toned through diet and exercise alone.

Who Is a Good Candidate for an Arms Lift Surgery?

The best candidates for an arm lift are those who have excess skin that hangs from their upper arms, with a minimal amount of fat. This is often due to weight loss, as lost fat leaves remaining skin with decreased elasticity. As patients age, they too suffer from inelastic skin that is less able to retain its shape. In other cases, patients may simply be genetically predisposed to looser skin or extra tissue in the area.

What to Expect from an Arms Lift Surgery?

You will be under general anesthesia, and your surgeon will conduct the entire surgery from beginning to end. An incision will be made under your arm lengthwise from elbow to armpit. If necessary, liposuction will be performed to extract excess fat from the area. At the same time, your surgeon will address the excess hanging skin to create a lifting effect.

Arms Lift Recovery

After arm lift surgery, patients can expect mild swelling in the arms that lasts for several weeks. Discomfort can be moderated with prescription medications provided by your surgeon. You will also receive a detailed aftercare plan that goes over caring for your incisions, bathing, sleeping, resuming exercise, and returning to work. Our team understands that your care does not stop once you walk out the door. We will continue to monitor your recovery and ensure your results are satisfying and that your expectations are met.