Face Lift

As we age, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and volume. Eventually producing deep wrinkles and loose skin. Facelift, rhytidectomy, or facelift is a surgery that lifts, firms, and tightens sagging facial tissues giving a more natural and youthful appearance. It is performed through an incision in front of and behind the ears, which extends to the scalp line.
Subsequently, there is a lifting of the skin and tissues to remove the excess and achieve the results expected by the patient.


  • It removes loose skin and tightens facial tissues.
  • Reduces the sagging appearance of the cheeks.
  • Lifts the corners of the mouth.
  • Incisions are generally not noticeable.

Are you an ideal candidate for a facelift?
Although our doctor is the one who ultimately decides if you are a candidate, there are certain criteria you must meet:

  • Have supple skin.
  • Elastic skin is easier to tighten and is less prone to risks and difficulties.
  • Defined facial structure. Having defined features will make the appearance of toned, wrinkle-free skin much easier.
  • Real expectations and knowledge of the procedure to be performed.
  • To be in good health.

What to expect after surgery?

Facelift surgery usually lasts several hours. You may be able to go home the same day of your operation. However, sometimes it is necessary to spend a night in the hospital. After surgery, your face will be bandaged for 1 or 2 days. A week to 10 days later, your surgeon will remove the stitches. If you are in a lot of pain, you will be prescribed medication. Unfortunately, since this is an invasive procedure, you will have swelling and bruising on your face for several weeks.

It is important to avoid tobacco smoke since it increases the risk of skin infection and death of the recently operated tissue. Also, smoking or exposure to tobacco smoke delays the healing process and worsens scars.

Most people return to their normal activities within 2 to 3 weeks after the surgical procedure. It is normal to feel some degree of stiffness and/or numbness in the face.