Breast Lift with Implant

A breast lift is a basic procedure that displaces the nipple and areola, lifts the breast, and removes excess skin. The result is a perkier appearance and is wildly appreciated among those with sagging breasts.

Combining a breast lift with implants is an excellent way to get the most out of the surgery. It is unnecessary to add as much volume to the implant when a breast lift is also performed, which will position the breasts correctly and shape them. When these two procedures are combined, your breasts will increase in cup size and look better than just one procedure.

More and more people realize that they don’t need to just put up with breasts they don’t like. Whether they are sagging, irregularly shaped, or simply too small, undergoing a breast lift with implant augmentation can give you a look and feel you desire. You’ll feel and look younger, and it’s a significant confidence boost.

Who is a good candidate for an implant breast lift?

The most common reasons people consider a breast lift with implants include:

  • Your breasts have lost volume, shape, and firmness due to pregnancy, age, weight loss, or gravity.
  • As a result, your breasts are noticeably different in size or shape, and you desire more symmetry and fullness.
  • In addition, your breasts appear deflated, and your nipples and/or areolas point downward or are located below the breast crease.

How does a breast lift with implants work?

As women age, the breasts lose their elasticity. This can cause them to sag or droop, especially if they have gained or lost weight. A breast lift lifts the breasts and reshapes them to be rounder. In breast augmentation, or when implants are placed, an implant is surgically placed behind your breasts. The implants are either behind the chest muscles or behind the breast tissue. Implants alone do not usually lift the breasts if they are sagging.

Together, a breast lift with implants will lift your breasts, reshape them to make them rounder, and increase your cup size.

What is the procedure for a breast lift with implants?

There are many different types of breast lift techniques, but the one chosen will be based on your physical examination and the goals of the surgery. In general, the procedure involves the following:

  • The surgeon will assess and mark you while you are standing to see the raised position of the nipple over the breast.
  • Then, you will be given general anesthesia.The surgeon will make an incision around the areola, which will extend across the front of the breast.
  • Your breasts will be lifted and reshaped, and the implant will be placed.
  • Your areolas will be moved to the correct position on your breasts if necessary.
  • The incisions will be closed with stitches or surgical tape.

What should I expect after a breast lift with augmentation?

Most patients feel tired and sore after a breast lift with augmentation for the first two to five days. Some discoloration and swelling may occur, but this usually disappears within the first two weeks. Some patients feel increased breast tightness and tenderness, and the skin may feel warm or itchy.
A recovery timeline usually involves:

  • You are sleeping on your back in an inclined position during the initial healing period, using additional pillows for elevation if necessary.
  • A return to work within one week of breast lift with augmentation surgery.
  • No clothing or housework for at least one week.
  • No driving for a minimum of two weeks.
  • No heavy lifting > 5 pounds, pulling or pushing for one month.
  • No high-impact aerobic exercise or upper body training for six weeks.

After surgery, the shape of your breasts will continue to improve as the swelling subsides, settles, and scars fade. In about a month, most patients have a good idea of how the breast lift with implants achieved the desired look. However, it usually takes several weeks or months before the breasts fully settle, sensation returns to normal, and scars fade significantly.