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PRP For Facial

How does it work?

A PRP facial uses your own blood’s platelets and plasma on your face. The natural chemicals in your own PRP are slathered onto your face and then micro-needled and/or injected into the skin during a short procedure.

  • PRP injected is used for the treatment of hair loss, wrinkles, fine lines and crepey skin texture.
  • PRP micro-needle is used to reduce acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, volume loss, wrinkles, fine lines, and crepey skin texture.
  • PRP can be combined with Vitamin-C to lighten pigmentation or Hyaluronic Acid to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

What to expect with treatment?

Once the plasma is in, it begins to do its work of rejuvenating your entire face, tightening wrinkled areas, and smoothing the overall look. It is able to do that because PRP’s essential chemical components stimulate collagen growth.

Time: 30 min approximately.
Results: Immediate results after treatment and continues to make effect up to 4 weeks.
Anesthesia: No.
Follow Up: No.