IV Therapy

Do you need extra energy to get through the week, attack that nasty cold, or reach peak athletic performance?

Our fast and effective IV blends will propel you toward your own health goals. Fight illness, get more energy, look younger and feel better.

IV (intravenous) infusion therapy is the administration of medications and nutrition directly into the veins for faster absorption into the bloodstream. Because this is an on-demand, outpatient procedure, the freedom to come and go makes infusion therapy a great option that allows for less time in a doctor’s office and more time to enjoy life.

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

Appearance and beauty:

  • Prevent the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Delay the aging process.
  • Strengthen hair, nails, skin, and eyes.
  • Brighten the skin.
  • Enhance imperfections.
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • It helps you look and feel younger.

Sports :

  • Provide fast and adequate hydration.
  • Improve sports performance.
  • Reduce recovery time.
  • Support muscle recovery.
  • Maintain healthy muscles and tissues.
  • Eliminate free radicals naturally produced by exercise.
  • Act as a pre-exercise endurance boost.
  • Act as part of a recovery plan after competition or training.

IV therapy is the fastest and safest way to deliver vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to improve immune function, increase energy levels and help manage various chronic health problems.

Support Weight Loss

Intravenous vitamin serums do not directly result in weight loss but indirectly. Benefits of our serum therapy treatments include:

  • Better sleep.
  • Enhanced metabolism.
  • Boost energy.
  • Mood enhancement.

These factors influence how and if your body will lose weight and burn fat mass, indirectly affecting your ability to lose weight. IV therapy is most effective when used with healthy eating and regular exercise.

How IV therapy works

When you take a vitamin by mouth, your body must work to transfer nutrients into your blood. However, when vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are administered intravenously (IV), they go directly into the bloodstream, avoiding potential loss of nutrient capacity. In addition, an IV infusion delivers 100% of each vitamin/mineral administered and provides maximum absorption for rapid results.

The therapy is a simple, minimally invasive process in which we place an intravenous catheter in your arm or hand. Then the medications drip in for some time. The amount of drugs and session duration depends on your particular diagnosis and needs. Your nutritional coach will choose the most appropriate medication for you.

Before your surgery

IV therapy is also an excellent tool for surgery preparation, decreasing the rate of infection, complications, scar formation, and hospitalization. In addition, IV nutrients provide quick relief for various symptoms and conditions.